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Let's chat about sharing pawTree at vendor events! You DON'T need a fancy setup or tons of products to get started - let's chat about setup, first!

Keep it simple friends!

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  • Events are the quickest way to develop the  "Know/Like/Trust" factor with your customers.

  • Start with what you have - you DON'T need it all! CORE 4 is recommended as a minimum. It's ok to display EMPTY containers!

  • Tablecloths should be lime green or black (there are many inexpensive options on Amazon).

  • Use your pawBoxes for display and for transportation of your products! Easy peasy! Keep misc decor to a minimum.

  • Recommended documents to print: Pet Issues PDF & Sponsoring/Opportunity PDF for your table, plus Solutions Chart & Product Knowledge Cards for your binder.

  • Your binder should be front and center! Use page protectors or laminate your pages to protect them.

  • Also recommended: Pesky Pet Issues Vertical Banner, pawTree Horizontal Banner for larger events, Name Tag, logo apparel, pawBooks, pawTreat Samples, Business Cards


Starting conversations, sharing solutions, and asking for the sale - plus collecting contact information!

To clarify - only pawTree products on this table come in the $399 Enrollment Product Pack. Decor, tablecloth, banner, and runner are not included.



  • Place your vertical banner as close to the walkway as possible - it grabs attention and helps to start conversations! Approach people who are reviewing it.

  • Ask questions - get to know the pet parent's concerns

  • Use your binder when making recommendations, even when you know the answer. This helps others to see how easy our job is!

  • ASK FOR THE SALE!! Simply say "Are you ready to give it a try?" (TIP: NOD your head when you do this!)

  • If they are not ready, offer to send them the information you shared. Collect cell number or email address and provide links to what was shared - follow up within 24 hours.

  • When placing the customer order, use the customer's cell phone. This is usually quicker since their contact info is often saved.

  • Share the option to place their order as an EZ Ship and briefly explain the benefits.

  • DON'T use EZ ship as a one-time option to save on shipping - share the VALUE instead.

  • At checkout, help your customer adjust the EZ ship frequency based on what they've ordered. I also recommend you share where they go to edit and modify future orders.

  • Be sure to follow up with the customer after the sale!

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