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We've added the most frequently asked questions here! You're sure to have additional questions, so please reach out to me about anything I don't cover here.

Your job as a petPro is to share our incredible pawTree products with others. There are so many ways to share! You can share online through Social Media, through events (online or in-person), share with friends and family, etc. Not to mention, you'll have these incredible products for your pets and will be able to share your own testimonials, too! Did you know that 85% of our sales come from recurring orders? That means you'll continue to earn an income well after the first order! All while making a difference in the lives of our pets!



There are too many reasons to count! We are a natural and holistic pet wellness company, so those wanting the best for their furbabies are LOOKING for healthy options.

You'll be proud to offer safe and effective products to your pet-loving community, all with a full 90-day, money-back guarantee. Plus, the pet industry is a $103 Billion Dollar a-year industry! And there is ZERO competition in the Social Selling world. 

If pawTree is new to YOU, we are likely new to your area too - which is a HUGE advantage for you. And by offering a high-value consumable product, you are able to create recurring, residual income, too. 



Another incredible perk is our Free Food Program! When you enroll, you will choose your first FREE regular-size bag of food, and the following month you will receive an email with a coupon code to redeem for another regular bag, FREE! AND - when you achieve just $100 NEW PV per month thereafter, you'll KEEP earning free food for up to 10 additional months!

NEW PV is Personal Volume that comes from the FIRST order of a NEW pawTree customer. If you have never shopped pawTree before, YOUR first order will count as NEW PV!

$100 NEW PV in a month is NOT a requirement, just a fun goal for an incredible perk. Please note - if you miss a month and fall off this program, the program ends for you and you will not be eligible to earn more free food.

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There are NO monthly minimums or monthly purchase requirements to remain a petPro. If you decide to grow a team and pursue leadership, then you WILL have PV (Personal Volume) requirements for promotions and bonuses.


NO ONE likes hidden fees or extra expenses, right? So here is what you can expect upfront:


All new petPros are required to choose an enrollment option to get started. We offer a $0 Simple Start enrollment OR you can choose a discounted Product Pack ($199+)  to try our products right away! The choice is YOURS.


Enrolling gives you access to YOUR OWN website (FREE for 12 months), social media sharing app, pawTree University (and all its courses), all current petPro perks and incentives, our Library, all training, and MORE!!​


pawTree offers a VERY generous commission plan, including a BONUS for all new customer orders! Want to GROW your income even more? Then grow a TEAM! Sponsoring is NOT required, but you can make a bigger impact (and a bigger paycheck) when you share the opportunity with others, too. 

To learn more about our paydays plus commission and promotion structure CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR COMPENSATION PLAN.

We also have special bonuses and incentives JUST for new petPros! These perks are valid during your enrollment month and the following 3 full months - get rewarded for going ALL IN!

We often get asked if you HAVE to sponsor and team build - the answer is NO! You can choose to simply share pawTree products to earn a generous commission if that's all you want to do...the choice is yours.

Looking for RIGHT-NOW income? We've got that too! Our CORE 4 helps to prevent 80-100% of the reasons we take our pets to the vet (aside from serious injury or illness). By sharing these sets, you earn BOTH a commission and a bonus! LEARN MORE ABOUT CORE 4 BONUSES

There is no need to carry or invest in ANY inventory - let our warehouse take care of packaging and shipping orders directly to your customers.

Save your customers time and money with our flexible EZ Ship program! Your customers will NEVER run out of pet food, treats, and supplements - and will always have full control over the delivery schedule and what's in each order. Customers even earn points on all purchases that they can use to spoil their pets later on! PLUS, they get FREE shipping with 3 or more non-petfood items, or save 25% if ordering only 1 or 2 items on EZ Ship! Even pet food can ship for free with 3 or more non-petfood items on EZ Ship in the same order!

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Yes, we've got that, too! You have an entire team cheering you on, plus weekly team calls and ongoing training. Our pawTree University is an incredible resource to learn about our products, marketing, professional development, and so much more! Our team also hosts WEEKLY Launch Parties to help you share your new business RIGHT AWAY!


Are you excited? We sure hope so! You're about to make a positive impact on pets and their parents - and we can't wait to welcome you to the pawTree family!


Now on to the FUN STUFF - choosing your enrollment package! We have something for EVERY budget:

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